Controlling Content Chaos: How Sandia National Laboratories Streamlined its Video Content Management Strategy with Mediasite
Sandia National Laboratories employs nearly 9,000 scientists, engineers, biologists and support staff, who work on projects related to the nation’s most challenging security issues. Over the years, they’ve amassed thousands of hours of video-based technical documentation, training and research. The content – much of which was created on outdated devices and exists in all sorts of formats – needs to be preserved for up to 75 years and meet the National Archives and Records Administration standards. How do they control the potential content chaos that comes with that amount of video and number of users? How do they create, search, manage and deliver their mission-critical information while keeping the bulk of it classified and secure? Rogulja Wolf of Sandia has undertaken a focused video content management initiative with the Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform at its core, viewing it as the most integrated approach to the lab’s enterprise strategy for creating, managing and distributing its video-based content. Join Wolf for a lively Q&A as he discusses the consideration process to standardize on the Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform including: • The importance of video archiving, tagging, search and retrieval • How the user generated content capabilities in My Mediasite will give Sandia the ability to be more flexible with video creation • Policy to move to a YouTube approach to content creation will include maintaining an approval workflow • How My Mediasite and the user generated content capabilities will continue to accelerate the video creation process Presenter: Rogulja Wolf, Streaming Ops Team Lead & Content Manager, Sandia National Laboratories Trained as an astrologer, dancer, philosopher, and few other things, (with a little music on the side) Wolf works and plays with analog and digital media for communications. He worked in commercial and public radio and owned and operated an independent video production company. He has been with Sandia National Laboratories for 19 Years. Moderator: Sean Brown, vice president, Sonic Foundry
Rogulja Wolf, Streaming Ops Team Lead & Content Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
3/19/2013 6:00:00 PM

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