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3/1/2024 5:03:02 PM

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Solving the STEM Shortage with Flipped Instruction and Dual Enrollment
Want to know how the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at University of Cincinnati gave more than 500 high school students a head start in college STEM studies over the course of just one academic year? Interested in learning about the streaming video/flipped classroom strategy used to roll out high-quality college instruction to 12 high schools, including rural, urban and all-girls schools? Would you like to hear first-hand from a student who was on a non-STEM academic career path until she was exposed to engineering in high school? Here’s your chance to get answers to all of the above in a live webinar with Eugene Rutz, the academic director who spearheaded the program, and UC freshmen Gretchen Kellerstrass, who pivoted her college and career plans after taking just one dual-enrollment engineering course. Join Mr. Rutz and Ms. Kellerstrass as they walk you through the program from two different perspectives. You’ll learn:  How the program overcame affordability and scalability challenges by leveraging video learning modules created by college professors for anytime, anywhere viewing by high school students  Why they’ve achieved success by introducing topics to younger students, in unexpected places and making sure they’re getting quality instruction and college credit for all their hard work  How appropriate use of technology can overcome some of the significant barriers to providing dual enrollment courses  Why it’s important to incorporate activities that show students how the lessons will apply to their lives and careers (That’s another way of saying, “Yes. You’ll use this when you’re an adult.”) Presenters: Eugene Rutz, Academic Director, College of Engineering Eugene Rutz has developed and taught: traditional face-to-face courses, courses co-taught by faculty at OSU using real-time interactive video, courses using audio and PowerPoint, courses using web-based content and interaction, courses using streaming video, and blended courses that combined distance and traditional education methods. Eugene has been the PI or investigator on several sponsored research grants studying the effectiveness of instructional technologies and the interplay of learning styles and instructional technology. He has also led numerous seminars for UC’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and for the Ohio Learning Network. Gretchen Kellerstrass, University of Cincinnati freshman, College of Engineering Gretchen is a 2013 graduate of Kings High School in Kings Mills, Ohio, and winner of the first Sonic Foundry Video in Education Scholarship. Moderator: Sean Brown, Vice President, Sonic Foundry
Eugene Rutz, Academic Director, College of Engineering
10/22/2013 4:00:00 PM

The Up Side of Upside Down: Center for Digital Education Study Shows Flipped Classrooms Are on the Rise
First there was lecture capture. A time when professors could record their classrooms without changing the way they taught. Then came flipped classrooms – the lecture-first, discussion-later response to an increasing demand by students for a more personalized education experience. While the flipped model has been a mainstay at some of the best institutions over the past decade, including MIT and Cornell, adoption is rising rapidly. Now, for the first time, comes faculty insights into what it takes to deploy this technology-driven pedagogy, which is anything but teaching as usual. The Center for Digital Education, in partnership with Sonic Foundry, has just completed the first in-depth, national survey on faculty perspectives of flipped classrooms. They’re ready to present their findings, including the fact that despite the time and resources it takes to launch a flipped course, the model shows pro the overwhelming majority of faculty – 97% – report that their initiatives are successful. Join us for this free webinar where you’ll learn the good, the bad and the most surprising reasons flipped classrooms might just be the key to the future of academia, including: • The main drivers – both at departmental and faculty levels – for adopting the flipped model • How creating a personalized learning experience impacts student performance, retention and grades • The shifting expectations of student and faculty when it comes to pre-class lectures, in-class projects and discussions and individual responsibilities • A gauge of both faculty and student attitudes of the flipped classroom • The learning curve and lack of resources when it comes to teaching with technology Presenter: Joe Morris, Center for Digital Education (bio and headshot needed) Moderator: Sean Brown, Vice President of Education, Sonic Foundry Sean's core focus is simplifying digital media to improve use and outcomes. Before coming to Sonic Foundry in 2002, Sean has 23 years of product management and education business development experience at IBM, Apple and Oracle. He is a past president and board member of the Hopkins Foundation for Innovation in Education. Today, Sean also hosts Sonic Foundry's popular, monthly best practices webinar series for higher education.
Joe Morris, Center for Digital Education
11/12/2013 5:00:00 PM

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