Scholastic Achievement Winner- University of Auckland

The professional learning programme "Digital Pathways Development", supports hundreds of teachers now expanded to over 474 secondary schools (Y8-12) across all regions of New Zealand. Our Mediasite presentations help teachers with New Zealand’s new curriculum which is being embedded into school programmes across the country. The focus of our work is in the integration of Career Education across all learning areas, and this is facilitated in a full series of Mediasite webcast interviews with specialists in each curriculum area. As a result of our Mediasite presentations, schools have been able to develop Professional Learning Groups to integrate the ideas and resources into their teaching and learning programmes, and discuss how the material presented in our webcasts can be best used to meet their student needs. The Mediasite webcasts have made the integration of Career Education across the curriculum a relatively easy process for teachers thanks to the innovative way it allows professional learning development to be accessed and shared.